• Reservations

    It's important to make reservation in advance during the high season (December through April) or during special holidays.

  • Payment

    After stating all the terms, we will determine the most convenient method to pay for the contracted services. The final confirmation e mail wil contain the information related to payment, cancellation policies that apply for each case as well as some travel advice.

  • Cancellation Policies

    Natural Discovery has to do arrangements for your trip in Costa Rica, some of those can't be refundable. Although Natural Discovery will determine the procedures differently for every case, these are the general cancellation policies:

  • 1. Written cancellation is done 60 days prior arrival date, 90% Refund. Unless different hotel refund policies apply.

  • 2. Written cancellation is done 30 to 16 days prior arrival date, 50% Refund. Unless different hotel refund policies apply.

  • 3.Written cancellation is done 15 days or less prior arrival date, No refund applies.

  • Cancellations must be sent by email to:

  • Email: reservas@naturaldiscoverycostarica.com


    We strongly recommend you consider purchasing appropriated life, accident and medical insurance to cover in case of injury or illness to you or your family during a trip. All expenses regarding insurance, medical needs or any other incidental charges, not included in the Final Itinerary, must be covered by the participants. Natural Discovery Costa Rica, its associates or suppliers do not accept responsibility for losses, theft, additional expenses due to natural disasters, delay in airline schedules or any other major causes. Certain activities and sites are inappropriate for people with severe health problems or physical disabilities, it's an obligation of the traveler to be informed and to determine it's capability to participate.

  • Disclaimer

    By booking a holiday with us, you agree on behalf of yourself and all members of your party that you understand the risks inherent in holidays of the kind you are booking, that you understand that such activities may involve the risk of injury or death, that you choose to accept such risks of your own free will, and that you will conduct yourself in a sensible and safe manner, follow all safety and related advice and/or guidelines issued by us and / or our local representatives and/or local persons in authority, use appropriate equipment, dress appropriately and take reasonable precautions to avoid injury and other risks during your holiday. You also agree to arrange appropriate insurance to cover you and all members of your party before, during and after your experience. The insurance should cover you and your party for injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation where appropriate, cancellation and curtailment at the minimum, and you should ensure that all activities are covered and check the exclusions carefully. We are unable to accept any liability towards you for any death, personal injury, claim, expense, loss or damage arising out of your booking or holiday, except and only to the extent that applicable law prohibits such exclusion of liability.

Last Minute Changes

Whenever the participant wants to add features to the package or tour, Natural Discovery should look for optionals if available, if such changes apply, the costumer will cover extra expenses. No refunds apply for unused services during any of the excursions.