19 Jan/2020


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Our tours are full of great memories, lots of wildlife and nature, awesome photographs and very nice new friends. If you have traveled with us, I woud love to hear commentaries about your experience. Please feel free to post a commentary. Thanks very much….

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    ‎Kathleen RestrickJan 28th, 201710: 38am

    Dear Oli and Alan, We had a wonderful time with each of you during our few days in the Liberia area. Oli, our trip to Palo Verde and the roadside birding yielded 30 new bird species for us, including our first euphonia, 3 different kingfishers, the boat billed heron, 4 different Orioles, tri-colored munia, and a rosetted spoonbill. And, thanks to you, we've now found two new trogons on our own because we know their flight pattern! Alan, during our trip to Santa Rosa and Rincon, we counted 35 new species for us, including antshrikes, tons of tanagers and warblers, 2 different honeycreepers, a bananaquit, parrots, Hawks, the montezuma oropendola, a saltador, a masked tityra 6 keel billed toucans! The four legged Tara, And a toady motmot!! And guess what, the laughing falcon we listened to but couldn't find was just laughing away in a tree during our walk in Samara the other day, we watched him for about 20 minutes. We highly recommend both of you as reliable, knowledgeable, and engaging bird guides! Thank you again, Kate and Tom from Ann Arbor, Michigan

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    Duncan WhitfieldJan 1st, 20176: 58am

    I took a one day rainforest tour with Olivier Esquivel in August 2016 and I would like to take the opportunity (if a little late) to express my thanks to Olivier and to offer my recommendation for him an excellent birding guide. Olivier's local expertise and thorough knowledge of the flora and fauna ensured that we caught up with all target species. By far my favourite day of of my Costa Rican holiday. So to anyone looking for a birdwatching guide in CR, look no further. You will not be disappointed.

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    Richard SeargentAug 24th, 20163: 23pm

    Many thanks for Olivier Esquivel for organising an excellent days birding around Guanacaste. Andrés Ramírez Bonilla proved to be an excellent guide and I wouldn't have seen half the species I did had it not been for him. We will be back next year. Birds of the day were Tody Motmot and Long-billed Hermit

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    Derek PettsDec 20th, 20161:16 pm

    Oli thanks for some GREAT days birding in 2015 & 2016. Without your knowledge our bird counts would have been much less. Plus a big thanks to Santos our driver. Derek–David–Brenda–Pauline.

  5. author
    Norm SchipperNov 9th, 20159:02 am

    Olivier, it was a pleasure birding with you in Costa Rica.You were very adept at finding and identifying birds that I otherwise would not be able to find and identify.

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